11.30 am
The automobile is feminine…
Matteo Panini talks to:
Maria Bussolati (Museo Mille Miglia)
Mariella Mengozzi (Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile)
Silvia Nicolis (Museo Nicolis)


In Alfredo Panzini’s Dizionario moderno (printed in 1905), the entry for ‘automobile’ attributed the masculine gender to it in most cases.
Nevertheless, opinions changed when, on 18 February 1920, in a letter published by the Corriere della Sera newspaper on 27 October 1923 addressed to senator Giovanni Agnelli, Gabriele d’Annunzio wrote:
“My dear Senator, I am currently returning from my fields in Desenzano, with la Sua (‘your’, feminine possessive form) car, which seems to resolve the matter of its gender, debated previously. The automobile is feminine.”
Thus the Poet, a great lover of motoring, the Italian language and the gentle sex, resolved the semantic issue on the gender of the automobile.”


2.30 pm
Go-Karts: history
With the presence of champions and technicians from the past who have written memorable pages of this magnificent history. Roberto Giugni will be a special guest at the event, telling anecdotes which have made this a legendary sphere of motor sports.


3 pm
Giorgio Lucchini, una vita per le corse
con Gianni Tomazzoni
Gianpaolo Benedini
Gianpaolo Dallara


4 pm
Ayrton Senna, the chosen one
Presentation of the book published by Nada Editore, by Diego Alverà
guests and the greatest fans of the champion will be present.


5 pm
Award ceremony for the 1st ANT Trophy


5.30 pm
Award ceremony for the ‘Gran premio di Modena… sulle strade di Enzo’, Circolo della Biella


10.30 am
“Races on Paper”
Presentation of the photo book published by Artioli, 1899
The most beautiful posters from the Lauro Malavolti collection.
Edited by Daniele Buzzonetti


12 pm
The Rally in Modena told by the protagonists
Chaired by Andrea Nicoli – ACI. Guests include: figures from today and yesterday


3 pm
Giorgio Francia
From single-seater races to the Alfa Romeo saga.
With Gianni Tomazzoni


4 pm
Bugatti:…30 years after Paris
Ettore Tazzioli talks about it with Jean Marc Borel and other protagonists of the factory in Campogalliano with the projection of previously unseen photographs and footage from the Bugatti Archive.
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