11.30 am at ACI Sport
The automobile is feminine…
Matteo Panini talks to: Maria Bussolati (Museo Mille Miglia), Mariella Mengozzi (Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile), Silvia Nicolis (Museo Nicolis).


2.30 pm at ACI Sport
Go-Karts: history
Roberto Giugni tells anecdotes which have made this a legendary sphere of motor sports.


3.30 pm Rally
1° ANT Trophy
Rally of the 1st ANT Trophy at Modena Motor Gallery. This will be the last leg of the tour organised by Classic Club Vignola. The award ceremony is scheduled for 5 pm at the ACI Storico Stand, Pavilion C.


4 pm at ACI Sport
Ayrton Senna, the chosen one
Presentation of the book by Diego Alverà, published by Nada Editore.


4.30 pm Rally
“GRAN PREMIO DI MODENA…sulle strade di Enzo”
Eighth Edition of the ‘Ruote nella Storia’ event, sponsored by the dall’Automobile Club Modena. The event, which will cross the centre of Modena, will reach the Fair at 4.30 pm and will come to a close with an award ceremony scheduled for 6 pm.


5 pm at ACI Sport
1st ANT Trophy award ceremony


5.30 pm at ACI Sport
“Gran premio di Modena… sulle strade di Enzo”, award ceremony, Circolo della Biella.


10.30 am at ACI Sport
“Races on Paper”
Presentation of the photo book of the most beautiful posters from the Lauro Malavolti collection, published by Artioli, 1899, edited by Daniele Buzzonetti


12 pm at ACI Sport
The Rally in Modena
told by the protagonists of yesterday and today


3 pm at ACI Sport
Giorgio Francia
From single-seater races to the Alfa Romeo saga
With Gianni Tomazzoni


3 pm Rally
Auto Tuning Club
Rally held by the Cantertuning Club a.s.d. at the fair with two vehicles featuring extreme aesthetic interventions.


4 pm at ACI Sport
Bugatti:…30 years after Paris
Ettore Tazzioli talks about it with Jean Marc Borel and other protagonists of the Campogalliano factory, with the projection of previously unseen photos and footage from the Bugatti Archive.


4.30 pm Rally
3rd International A112 Rally
80 A112 cars come to Modena Motor Gallery after a tour around numerous locations throughout the province of Modena. Event organised by Club Motori di Modena.