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Green Pass faq

Following the Decree published in the Official Gazette of 23 July 2021, n. 175, visitors, exhibitors, suppliers and service personnel who will enter Modena Motor Gallery have to present the ‘Green Pass’


Green pass. What is it, how to get it, how does it work?

All information on the Green Pass can be downloaded from the related website of the Italian government at the following link


Is it possible to request a ticket refund in case of impossibility to participate?

There is no refund of the ticket purchased except for reasons of force majeure such as cancellation of the event.


Where can I get the tampon?

Close to the Exhibition Center there are the following pharmacies that carry out tampons upon reservation:


Farmacia Centro Commerciale Grandemilia di Lolli Dr. Laura
Via Emilia Ovest, 1480 – 41123 Modena – Phone 059 848755
Monday – Saturday 9.00-21.00

Sunday 9.00 – 20.00


Farmacia Comunale Modena Ovest
Via del Giglio,19 – 41123 Modena – Phone 059821316
Monday – Friday 8.00-19.30

Saturday 8.30 – 19.30


When verifying the Green Pass, how are my personal data protected?

Thanks to the use of the VerificaC19 App, the staff will ask to verify the validity and authenticity of the Certifications. This operation doesn’ t require the storage of any information concerning the citizen on the verifier’s device.


Are other documents required to access the event?

It may be necessary to show a valid identity card in order to verify the correspondence between the individual and the certification presented.


Up to what age and in which cases is the Green Pass not required?
As written on the Ministry of Health website, up to the age of 12 children and people with suitable medical certification are exempt.


Does the Green Pass have to be printed?

It is possible to show the Certification in both paper and digital format.

Anti-contagion safety protocol COVID-19



Functional initiatives have been planned to contain overcrowding and in favor of the correct distancing between people.

Events with a limited number

Access to the event area with mandatory online booking. Limited seats and spaced seats, safe management of inputs and outputs with respect for distance.

Info only in digital format

The informative materials will be conveyed exclusively in digital format.

Constant medical care

Adequate premises and constant medical care are guaranteed for the entire duration of the event.


Adequate ventilation and frequent air exchange in the rooms is guaranteed by ad hoc equipment and the exclusion of recirculation systems.

Health checks at the entrances

Temperature measurement obligation via thermoscanner at the inlet.

Requirement of the mask

The use of the mask is mandatory for everyone.

Buy tickets online

It will encourage the purchase of tickets online, to avoid gatherings at the ticket offices.

Double flow in and out

Double flow for entry and exit has been arranged, with different accesses.

Capacity control

In order to ensure proper interpersonal spacing, a punctual control of the capacity will be activated in relation to the spaces used.

Stations for sanitization

Widespread positions have been set up for hand sanitization.

Cleaning and sanitizing

Specialized agencies will ensure a thorough cleaning of all areas using specific products. It will also strengthen the protection of toilets and sanitation.


There is widespread information signage.

Extended corridors and passageways

Remodeling of spaces, corridors and poles of attraction to reduce gatherings and ensure interpersonal spacing.

Upgrading of service staff

The control staff will be increased in order to monitor the correct distance entering the District and inside the Sectors.

Food & beverage regulation

Food and drink may only be consumed in designated areas.

Gate and portal for exhibitors

For exhibitors: a special entrance gate has been set up, as well as a dedicated portal to convey all the passes in digital form.

Watch the Video that illustrates the Covid Protocol

We remind you that it is the responsibility of each exhibitor, within their stand, to ensure that the safety measures provided for in the document of 24 April 2020 shared by the Government and according to the indications of the Emilia-Romagna Region n. 137/2020.